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Badminton Etterbeek Club
Internal regulations
Last update on 21/07/2022

BEC's internal regulations

Here are some little rules essential for the proper functioning of the club:


When it is crowded, please stop playing after 2 sets or 20 minutes and give others a chance to play. By following this rule you will quickly get back up on a field.


Singles are not allowed during high attendance.

In the garbage

Used shuttles and waste end their life in the trash and not on the grounds (even less next to the blue bins).


This should be taken 15 minutes before hall's closure.

INSTALLATION and dismantling of the grounds

Don't hesitate to give a hand with setting up and / or tidying up the hall.

City shoes

To keep the hall clean, please change your shoes when you arrive.
Black-soled sneakers are not allowed (this damages the floor covering of the hall).

COVID MEASURES (if activated by governement

Wearing a mask is compulsory outside the grounds. Respect safety distances.

Registration at the entrance.

And any other measure that would be made mandatory and not mentioned here.