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Badminton Etterbeek Club
Last update on 17/09/2023

Membership fees

Here are the fees charged at the BEC. The prices are valid for a full season registration at the club.

Type of membership Price
Adult (+18 y) membership Recreational * 95 €
Adult (+18 y) membership Competitor ** 105 €
Child (-18 y) membership without lessons 70 €
Child (-18 y) membership with lessons 110 €
Second club membership *** 65 €

*  the membership "Recreational" allow you to participate in a maximum of 1 tournament over the season
**  the membership "Competitor" is made for those who participate in interclubs and several tournaments over the season
***  please give your membership number and proof that you are insured by this other club to the league

Family registration from the 3rd member of the same family: a reduction of 15 € on the registration fee of the 3rd person is applicable (also on the 4th).

The membership fee includes the running costs of the club (hall, competitions, events...) with play time during the free game moments, the insurance paid to the league (Lien LFBB Assurances) (subject to the member's full compliance) and a share for the running of the league.

Payment possible on the bank account IBAN : BE38 9799 6951 2072 (BIC ARSPBE22) or in cash